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Kindle Station exists to help self-publishing authors like yourself get past the ebook creation stage fast by building the right publishing components,
so that you can focus on just write and do things that matter.


You Do This

Writing is already hard. Let alone finding time to learn designing, formatting and publishing your book in the Kindle Store. We help you focus on what you are best at and do more of what is important.

  • Writing and promoting your book
  • Spending quality time with your family
  • Crossing off your bucket list (climbing Mt. Everest anyone?)

We Do This For You

We are best at building the critical components you will need to transit to the next stage of self-publishing. We help you in what you do not know, do not have time for and do not want to do during your book creation process.

  • Designing your book cover
  • Formatting your manuscript into a ready-to-sell Kindle book
  • Building your book launch page

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I’d recommend Hazel and her team to anyone. The services of Kindle Station have been invaluable to my business, to my clients and to my personal ambitions as a writer.

Heidie Woods,

The Truth

How We Can Help

Your book is rejected by people who haven’t read it yet because it looks "self-published".

You know how people judge a book by its cover. Should you pay less for an ugly cover, or a pretty one that doesn't sell?

At Kindle Station, you don't have to compromise.

We design awesome covers that sell without burning a hole in your pocket.

You followed Amazon's guidelines, but your book is still not formatted “right”.

You spent 3 hours watching Youtube tutorials and wrestling hard with formatting. But you still end up with a book that doesn’t work the way you want it to.

What if it could be less complicated?

Send your manuscript to us in 3 minutes and we format it right and return to you.

Your book is live on Amazon, then you realise it doesn't sell itself.

You send out multiple Tweets and broadcast loudly on your Facebook about your book. But with a vast number of Kindle books being published on Amazon each day, your book is receiving lesser attention than it's deserved.

One best way to get noticed is launch your book to the right audience on a conducive platform that gives them enough reasons to buy today.

We build and design book launch pages that turn “book browsers” into “book buyers”.

Ready To Take Away Your Workload?

As an Amazon Kindle author for 3 years, I have happily entrusted my cover designs, book presentation and submission to Amazon to Hazel Lau.

Graeme Lanham,

A Taste of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

Grab Our Insider’s Tips for Getting Your
Kindle Book Live Fast!

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