By now you know Kindle Station is all about helping indie authors like yourself to publish and sell books online with better design and marketing. We want to build the right publishing components for you, so that you can focus on just write and do things that matter.

But if you are on this page, you are probably wondering where did this interest in digital book publishing begin?

Looking for more fun side projects one summer, we decided to advertise our design skills at a popular freelancer site. Soon, we found out that there was a growing demand for publishing ebooks online. Plenty of self-publishing writers had trouble getting their work past the technical development stages – particularly on book cover design and ebook formatting – and turned to sites like Upwork (formerly known as oDesk) for help.

DIY digital self-publishing suddenly didn’t seem too “DIY” for many authors — they were spending time and energy on unfamiliar processes, trying to bring their written works to their audience. Despite there is no shortage of self-publishing tutorials, many of them still struggled to make their books available online.

It was that moment we realised we had the skills and resources to help them break through these cumbersome technical barriers and get them to where they want. What happened next was obvious – Kindle Station was born!

The original two-person team is still in place, and we’re expanding by gathering talented, independent contributors who share our vision for publishing great ebooks in the digital age. Our team collaborates to take your project to completion, and we’re committed to developing new solutions for you at every opportunity.

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