Cover Design 101 For Authors:
How to Make A Book Cover That Sells Your Book

Want to sell your book?

Then you probably know that having an amazing book cover is one crucial key in determining your book sales.

You see, to sell anything, including books, you will first need enough attention from the right audience.

And having a book cover your readers will want to pick up is the first step to attract more buyers.

The problem is, many authors struggle to have a great book cover done and end up losing sales because of their badly-designed covers.

Either they don’t understand what it takes to make an eye-catching book cover (and hence settle for a bad one), or they are clueless about how to get one that will sell their books like hotcakes.

You don’t have to, and I want to walk you through what you need to know about designing a book cover and how to make one that will make your book stand out.

While I have written and will be writing more about cover design for authors on this website, these are the best articles to start with.

Introducing: The 3-Part Series On Designing A Book Cover For Authors

No one seems to give a damn about your book cover? Here are four common mistakes you may be making on your book covers.


Sometimes feedback is necessary to improve your book cover. But if you are not asking it from the correct persons, you are wasting your time and money in redesigning your cover.


How should a book cover design look to attract more buyers? Discover the principles and practices used by designers to make yourself an eye-catching book cover.


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