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How To Make A Great Cover For Your Self-Published Book

By Hazel Lau | cover design Get free updates on new posts here

This article is about two things: understanding what is a great cover and knowing what it takes to make one.

Without knowing what is a great cover in the first place and trying to create one, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

It’s like saying you want to travel to North Pole without first knowing where North is.

Only after you understand what it is will it be easier for you to learn what it takes to design one.

Even if you are not a cover designer yourself or want to hire one to do the job eventually – which you should by the way – you need to know the foundation behind making a great cover.

With that in mind, let’s address the first question, what exactly is a great cover?

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Pick A Winning Book Cover

How To Split Test To Find Your Winning Cover With Facebook Ads

By Hazel Lau | book marketing , cover design Get free updates on new posts here

Tell me if this sounds familiar?

You have paid a good amount of money to your designer to create a new cover for your book.

After several days, he sent you two or more cover drafts.

Now you are left with these covers, then you start to wonder…

“Which one should I really use for my book?”

Having this question is normal as you deserve to know which is the best cover to use for your book.

So how do you know which cover is great enough?

Well, you test it.

But before I tell you how to do that, let me share with you what I have observed.

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4 Common Book Cover Mistakes

4 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make When Designing Their Book Covers

By Hazel Lau | book marketing , cover design Get free updates on new posts here

When it comes to cover design, authors like to do funny things.

Don’t believe?

I will show you some of the bad cover examples I got from a site called Kindle Cover Disasters.

Really, that is the last place you want your cover to be at. Oh you may not want to be on Lousy Book Covers as well.

Let me be clear, I don’t mean to make fun of those covers and their authors or whoever made them. Clearly, there are things we can learn from covers that are not selling.

I summarised them into these four main mistakes that I see happening a lot of times.

If your cover isn’t a selling one, chances are, you might have made one of the below.

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