4 Reasons Why Edit and Format Your Kindle Book Is Important

By Hazel Lau | formatting

Have you ever downloaded a self-published ebook and noticed a typo in the first paragraph?

Or, worse still, how about when you’re half way through a chapter and instead of what should have been an image in the text there’s nothing but lines of strange coding?

Maybe the image is there, but it appears blurry or undersized?

How about missing bullet points from the list and pages of unsupported characters?

Perhaps the most commonly seen mistake is one whole chunk of text without proper alignment and line breaks.

What kind of impression does that leave you with?

Recently I talked to an author regarding her decision of going after a publisher and literary agent than self-publishing. Here is her reply:

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Now imagine she is your customer, and that’s YOUR book she was talking about.

Let me tell you what she’s likely to do next.

With a few clicks of a button, she can easily file a poor quality content report to Amazon.


If that doesn’t hurt enough, be aware that she can also tell the world how deceived and disappointed she feels by leaving a negative review.

Kindle authors, I want to bring your attention to the consequences of the “readers’ feedback” above, and hopefully make you re-think the importance of proper editing and formatting of your Kindle ebook before submitting it to Amazon.

4 Reasons Why Edit and Format Your Kindle Book Is Important

Amazon has a high standard for content quality. They know that if their customers are not happy, they’ll stop buying from Amazon. And you and I, will soon be out of a business.

From removing ebooks with PLR content off the shelves and blocking those spammy authors who published them, to cracking down on Kindle books under 2,500 Words-Amazon has been doing what they can to ensure more quality self-published ebooks are produced and sold in their ecosystem.

That said, If they find out that you’ve violated their rules, they’ll make sure you KNOW it and make the correction.

Here is a special guide to Kindle content quality that helps you understand the most frequently seen quality issues among the Kindle ebooks and how you can avoid repeating them in your own books.


Amazon allows its reader to ask for ebook refund within 7 days of purchase. People can get hooked up to your sales copy and buy your book, or get attracted by your beautiful book cover and make a purchase.

However, if they find out that it doesn’t deliver what you promised, or the content has been produced in an unprofessional way, it will hurt their reading experience severely.

They can ask for a refund and return the content conveniently.

This is the obvious consequence. It hurts your sales and reputation.

Amazon treats poor content quality issues as Critical Issues. How critical it is? Critical enough to remove your book from sale until the correction is made.


You may have written a great book, then the more you shouldn’t allow careless mistakes like typo and mis-hyphenations to be littered in your book.

Because people do talk about it.

Amazon displays all the book reviews of your book, good and bad, on your sales page. Why is this important? Research suggests that customer word of mouth affects consumer purchasing behaviour. What’s more? It also suggests incremental negative review is more powerful in decreasing book sales than an incremental positive review is in increasing sales.

The sad truth is that other readers do find the negative reviews “useful”.


I hope all the above-mentioned reasons and examples are compelling enough to make you re-consider how essential professional editing and formatting are in your Kindle publishing business.

The good news is, you are certainly able to avoid unnecessary loss of sales, the possibility of being banned from Amazon or negative readers reviews IF you spend a little time and budget to edit and format your book upfront.

Your Turn

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Or, having problems in formatting your own Kindle book?

Leave a comment letting me know that!

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